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[Mobile][Other] Google Home Mini offer for Premium Canada (switching from Family)

[Mobile][Other] Google Home Mini offer for Premium Canada (switching from Family)

I am a Spotify Family Plan subscriber. In order to access the Google Home Mini offer, I tried to swtich to Spotify Premium, but got a message that I was not eligible for that offer. I looked at the T&Cs for the offer and it doesn't seem to exclude me. Just wondering what is going on. 



11 Replies

I would like to know the answer to this as well, I pay $14.99 a month but in order to be eligible it asks me to downgrade.

I talked to an agent and apparently if enough people vote or make a concern about bundling the google home mini with the premium family account then they will do something about it

I was even prepared to downgrade from Family to Premium, but I got the message that I wasn't eligible

Doesn't make sense.

This is upsetting. We pay extra for an even more premium service and yet we are not eligible? That's sad. I am literally wanting the google home mini to give to my grandmother to ADD to my family plan. C'mon Spotify - please change the offer to include Family Plan subscribers. It just doesn't make sense.

Hey Spotify not cool! I’ve been a loyal customer for a longgg time now! Me and my family. Please explain to me the logic behind your choice to exclude family plan members 

I was bummed when I couldn’t receive the google home mini. I have a premium account but because it’s a family account I am not eligible. Which is silly. It’s not like I want one for every person that’s in my family. I just want one! You did it for the US, UK and France! What about Canada!! 

I am so disappointed, it seems punitive to not allow family account members to participate.  We love our family account and don't want down grade to a regular premium account.  Spotify,  please reconsider your decision to exclude family members from this promotion. 

This is ridiculous. Why cant the primary holder of the account even be eligible?! Since its the same address 1 is enough lol. Id like to receive one i am paying essentially the same as other account holders. Why penalize family accounts.

I love Spotify that’s why I have a family account! So my family can use it as well. Spotify please change this! It makes no sense when we pay more than the average $9.99 a month!

I have premium but it's not allowing me to accept the offer?! 

Please help!!

same thing here, paying more for the service and getting fewer benefits than the people paying less. do they want people to downgrade??? family plan = the same house, so people would easily downgrade to a single account, get the google home mini, then upgrade again, in the end, Spotify would lose more money.

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