Money being collected, no premium subscription


Money being collected, no premium subscription


I have a problematic Spotify account. Each month, Apple collects my Spotify subscription money from my iTunes ID. I know this payment method is no longer offered for new customers, but I am not a new customer.


But Spotify Premium hasn't worked for me for over a year. When I try, it says I do not have a Spotify Premium subscription. I have asked Spotify for my money back via Twitter DM, and they reply saying that I do not have a Premium subscription. This is exactly my problem. I am paying each month for a Premium subscription, but it is not there.


Apple have advised me not to cancel the payment until Spotify has sorted things out, since if I delete the subscription at the iTunes end, it will cease to exist and neither I nor Spotify will be able to see its details.


All I have got from Spotify is endless answers saying that I must have another Spotify account. I do not have another Spotify account. I have one, I have only ever had one, and I can see the account in iTunes collecting a monthly subscription fee.


How can I escalate this further, or obtain a physical address for Spotify in the UK to serve them with a court claim for the moneys owed?