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My daily mixes are gone !!!

My daily mixes are gone !!!



After I change my account location from USA to Thailand

and update the account to a premium one

all my beloved Daily Mixes are disappear.


Is there anyway I can bring them back ?


please help, thanks

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 1.02.23 AM.png
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Same exact issue here. Changed to Thailand yesterday, and boom! No more daily mixes. If the feature will be released in Thailand later or something, it would be really nice to know. And it would be even nicer to have them back! 🙂 



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Same for me 😞 


Loved that feature

Each week Spotify has been getting better. But this week, something happened. I'm a Premium user but golly, the selections are awful.  Almost like I got the lineup intended for somebody else. Can this happen? If there's a glitch in your system, please fix it. Mr Gretna, Mt Gretna PA USA

darn. So I'm not the only one. The reason I am subscribing premium is becuase of daily mixes. Please bring them back.

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