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My family members have a free trail but i want to add them to a family plan. How does that affect pa

My family members have a free trail but i want to add them to a family plan. How does that affect pa

My family members have a free trail but I want to add them to a family plan (as my free trail is about to end). How does that affect payments etc?

Been round the houses to try and get an answer to this, why not have a customer service tab or something. So frustrating.....


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Hey @itsezza, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


Once the trial is done you will get reverted back to the free service 🙂

If you have set to renew, you will get back to Premium which you can cancel here.


If you start a Premium for Family plan, you’ll be the plan's owner and are responsible for:

  • The plan's monthly payment.
  • Inviting or removing members on the plan.

Go to our Premium for Family page to sign up!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s not possible to purchase Premium for Family with a gift card .
  • You can’t combine it with any trials, or offers such as the student discount.
  • If you're subscribed to Spotify Premium through another company (e.g. your broadband/mobile provider), you need to cancel your subscription with them to upgrade to Premium for Family.

Other than the owner none of the members will pay anything 🙂

For more info about Premium for Family refer to this FAQ.


Hope it helps 🙂

Hi Loxer and thanks for the message.

Unfortunately its not really answering the question.

I am aware of what will happen when my trail ends, but if I then start paying for a Family Plan, the family members still have a while before their own trails end, so I will be paying for the service for them that they are getting a reduced price for anyway.

I am loathed to cancel, but does that seem to be the only way?

Hey @itsezza,


Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you invite them to join the Family plan you will create, their accounts will get upgraded. Which means that they will automatically upgrade to Premium for Family without paying anything, since you are the owner and only the owner of the plan pays for it 🙂


Hope it helps 🙂

and they will lose the rest of their trail period reduced cost (3 months at 99p per month)?

Is there no compensation for that?

I am saying that i will be paying 14.99 for 3 where as for 2 months it should be 11.97 as they are on the intro offer.

So another question if i may.  If i Cancel the upgrade to premium (and stick with the free version) and then start a family plan later, will i lose all my playlists and saved music on my account?




Hey @itsezza,


Sorry for the delay 🙂


As I mentioned they will be upgraded to the new Family plan, however if they want to continue until the trial ends it's totally fine, just don't forget to remind them to cancel the renewal or it will start another month of Premium 🙂


You can ask as many questions as you want 🙂

Everything you have built in your account will remain, nothing will be lost.


Hope it helps 🙂

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