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My plan changed itself from Student to Family

My plan changed itself from Student to Family

I recently got an email from Hulu saying:

Hi Victoria,
We're confirming that since your Spotify subscription has been canceled, your Hulu subscription has also been canceled.

You can always reactivate your Hulu subscription at any time. There's still so much to watch, and we're always adding more. Hope to see you back soon.


I contacted Hulu first and they said all that they were able to view is that my account was disabled due to my change in my Spotify subscription plan.

I have been using Spotify's Premium for Students plan for my first 3 years of college! As I checked my account, it says my current plan is "Spotify Premium Family". I never changed my plan manually, and I still have a year of eligibility for the student plan. I checked my previous charges and each charge for the last few months has been $5.99 (last charge 11/7/2019). I tried to change back to the student plan and it notifies me that I have eligibility until 8/2020 but won't change it back?! Please let me know how this issue was caused.

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I'm glad to see that that it's not only me that got this email because I got the same thing and I never changed my plan. I don't understand how my account changed its own plan all by itself. 

Your account may have well have been hacked.


Once a hacker gains access to your account, they can change it to a family plan, and then add another person to the plan, so they now have a family subaccount... which you are paying for.


I don't work for Spotify. But I've been following these message boards long enough that I know what the mods and "rock stars" will tell you.

1. Go through all the steps to "secure your account." Change your password, log out of all devices, etc.

2. Change your plan to regular premium. To do that, you have to drop all family members.

3. After you do all that, you should be able to switch back to student premium, assuming you are still eligible.

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