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My wife cannot login the family account

My wife cannot login the family account

My wife cannot join the family about on her device.

She received the invitation, entered the credentials (Street, City & Zip same as mine) but she is told that she is refused to enter the family account...  I unsubscribed her and send her a new invitation, but no changes...-


Currently she has a free account.  


Could the geotag be in charge for the problem? She currently is working for three months in Berlin because of her job. 


With our son it was less complicated - although not easy either 🙂  but than again: he's was sharing our house while setting up spotify...



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Hey @letthemusicplay, welcome to the Community!


If she's currently in another country, she won't be able to join your plan until she's home. Once she's back, ask her to try accepting the invite using an incognito window to see if she has any trouble joining.


Let us know how it goes.


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