Need Payment method to change country

Need Payment method to change country


Hello! I've been having a few problems with Spotify Premium as of late. 

Spotify is finally in Japan (thank God!). Before it came to Japan, I paid for Premium using a card in US. Now I've been told I'll be charged a tax fee for state tax but it's pointless cause I'm not even using the program in the US.


I want to change my Premium account country from US to Japan, where I live. To do this I need to change my payment option.


This is where it gets tricky. I do not have a credit card in Japan (it's impossibly difficult for foreigners here) and when I try to put in my Japan zip code into the Paypal option it asks for a "valid zip code". 


Japan Spotify has a number of other payment options like paying in cash at a convenience store. 


How can I change my country from US to Japan without a credit card (and without getting a new account entirely)? 

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Hi @supper4dinner. So, unfortunately, you've got a bit of a complex issue here. Short answer, without a Japanese payment method you'll have to keep your account as a US based one if you want to remain a premium user.


Long answer: It sounds like you created your account in the US originally, and are using a US payment method. Despite living in Japan, because of this, you are still using a US account. To change to a Japanese account, you would need to update your location and switch over to a Japanese form of payment. However, since you don't have a Japanese payment method, you cannot actually switch your location.


This is a restriction set in place to keep someone from going around region restrictions and using an account for a country in which they do not reside. While you're not trying to get around any restrictions, you are still affected by this blanket policy.


Wish I had better news for you. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns I might be able to assist you with. Cheers!

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