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Need help now.

Need help now.

I signed up for a free month trial. They charged me 4 days later. I want a refund and there is no one to cancel with or talk to about a refund. What the **bleep**?!?!?
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Hey @andrewsaint26, welcome to the Spotify Community.


If you want to cancel your subscription, you can go here. Also, if the payments show as pending, you can check more about it here.


Any questions, give us a shout 🙂

How do I receive a refund. I was not supposed to be changed! This is un

I have spotify premium. i just got a new phone and i can pull up my account but i cant see any of my premium playliststs and i dont have my perks. it even has the option to upgrade to premium wich i already have. this is extremely frusterating. how do i access premium on my new device?


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