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No CC payment option premium account?

No CC payment option premium account?

I have a CC currently linked to my account, but when I try to change my payment method to another card, it only offers PayPal. What gives?

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Hey, @pwflather! Help's here!


There are plenty of ways to pay for Spotify Premium! Are you able to see more options by going to in an incognito window? Find out all the payment options available for your country over here: 🙂


Let me know!


I'm in the same situation. I'm currently paying with credit card. If i go to subscription, it shows the card, clicking Update below that takes me to a page that only shows Paypal as an option, no other options. If I go to a different page about signing up for other plans it starts talking about credit cards again. I just want to change my existing card. Looks like the web site is broken right now.

Hi there, @s4usage! Help's here!


Would you be able to send over a screenshot of this page (making sure to black out any personal info)? If you could post the URL that you're accessing too, that'd be great! 🙂




I start from here:


That shows my current subscription, my current payment method and an option to update as in attached image.


I click Update and it takes me to the 2nd screen, which only has the Paypal option.


That's really odd, @s4usage! I'd love to get this going though!


Were you able to clear your cache and cookies before those screenshots? If it's still not working correctly, could you try changing your details on another device?


Let me know!


Tried a different device, still get exactly the same.

Thanks for that, @s4usage!


Are you able to change your credit/debit card details by cancelling your subscription > resubscribing straight away?


Let me know!


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