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No active accounts and continually billed after cancellation

No active accounts and continually billed after cancellation

I am truly amazed at how incredibly bad the user experience is with such prominent company! We cancelled our premium subscription in November 2017 and continue to get billed. Because we also cancelled our accounts after closing the subscription (logical thing to do right?) we cannot login via any of the suggested methods. This means we cannot contact support in the suggested way, reset passwords, or anything to do with our "cancelled" account.  Just so there is not some boilerplate response to this post, we've tried everything on the help site for quite literally "months". I've searched the community and this is not an uncommon problem. Get it together Spotify!!!! You have this many subscribers and ZERO customer service! Because of the hours already spent on this, we refuse to waste any additional time and are going to our bank to dispute all charges after November as fraud! Thanks, for the support Spotify!

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Contact Spotify by clikcing this contact form. They will handle it from the inside

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