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Not a Student anymore - won't let me switch plans

Not a Student anymore - won't let me switch plans

Hi - 

My payment methods failed because I got a new card. When I try to enter my new card information, it then wants me to verify I'm a student (I'm not, I graduated, I've been paying the full 9.99 for months and I'd like to continue doing so).


How do I get this to stop and spotify to just accept my new payment method so I can keep my access and move on with my life?

1 Reply

Hello @owleyesss


In this case, it's better to delete your payment info and cancel your subscription altogether. You will still be Premium until the remaining days of your subscription are used up. You need to go to, select "Change or Cancel" and follow the instructions.

After you've cancelled and removed your old payment info, resubscribe to Premium with the new card info to ensure that your offline music won't be deleted and that your subscription will renew correctly when it's time.
If any questions, ask away.

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