Overcharged - Monthly Subscription 19 days?


Overcharged - Monthly Subscription 19 days?

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My Issue:

I have just now renewed my subscription to Premium Family at £14.99 and received an update on my renewal date which is 19 days away... Isn't a "monthly" subscription supposed to last a month? So why is my subscription being renewed 11 days early?


I am not happy about this, it seems rather dirty to be honest. If I had noticed this when I first started subscribing I would have been outraged. 

If I'm subscribing to a "Monthly Subscription" I expect to get a month, not 20 days worth...


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Re: Overcharged - Monthly Subscription 19 days?

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Hey @BlackNovaWolf.


Thanks for getting in touch!


The most common reason for payment shifting during the month, is when we are unable to withdraw money from your bank account. In these situation we don't cancel your subscription right away, rather we try again a few days later. This means one payment will be taken later (and closer to the next payment). You'll still only be charged once per month (or 12 times per year) on average.


Or perhaps you subscribed to a regular Premium subscription and upgraded to Premium for Family right after. This causes 100% of your Premium days to convert to 66% of Premium for Family days. This due to the price difference. This will only happen at the start of a Premium for Family subscription by the way.


Hope this clarifies some things. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.