Pagué y no me reconoce el pago


Pagué y no me reconoce el pago

Hice el pago para premium universitaria me mandaron un link para comprobar que era estudiante había una liga de que es esto y al regresar me mandó a la página principal pero el cobro se realizó y Spotify no me reconoce el pago
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Re: Pagué y no me reconoce el pago

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Hello @Vicco


No matter if student verification was successful or failed, a temporary charge goes through. These are only temporary charges on your credit card and they should disappear in a few days. The only charge that you actually have to pay for is if you were successfully verified for the student discount.


If you're having trouble signing up for the student discount, you can submit for manual verification (as a head's up, this can take up to 12 hours to process). For more info, check out Spotify Support and SheerID Support. If your school is not listed, you can submit this feedback form to SheerID.