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Paid but sent message by Spotify unpaid

Paid but sent message by Spotify unpaid

I paid my Spotify by direct debit but Spotify sent me a message that was unpaid my subscription. I have deducted in my bank account and I still get the message I love my playlist and I will be sad if something happens. I do not find online support so what I need to do please?there is a proof of payment for my month and family plan



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Hey @Littleeva.


Thanks for getting in touch.


If you are sure that you have been charged, but you don't see any Premium features, try to log out until you see the login screen. Here you may log back in. Make sure you use the username which  is stated on the receipt which you receive per email when subscribing.


If that doesn't help, try reinstall Spotify. You can read here how to do this.


We hope it will work. Let us know if you have further questions. We'll be happy to help.


Have a nice day.

I paid and reinstalled Spotify but still have notifications about unpaid. 

What should i do? 

Hey @Mifgol, help's here.


If you've double-checked that you can see a recent payment for Premium, but still get a notification, you might've accidentally upgraded another account to Premium with your most recent payment, leaving the other account unpaid for.


We suggest that you check out this help article to check for other accounts. 


Lastly, check with your bank so that the latest charge isn't pending. 


Keep us posted 🙂


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