Paid for premium without access

Paid for premium without access



I've subscribed to the premium plan (0.99 for 3 months and 6.99 afterwards) and somehow the premium account is not activated. I've tried to log out and log in again, still nothing. I tried subscribing again, but when I put the credit card info it says that I've already subscribed to the offer.


Can you please help? 


Thank you. 

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Hey @paulofig, help's here.


It sounds like you either have upgraded another account to Premium, or the charges ended up as pending. 


If you got a receipt to an email address, you should log in with that email address. There's more steps here on how you can check for other accounts. We suggest that you have a look.


If the charged ended up as pending, it should be stated on your bank statement where you see the payment. If this is the case, you'll get the funds back to your account after a while, given that you don't get Premium. We suggest that you talk to your bank for more info.


Lastly, keep in mind that the offer is only for users who haven't paid for Premium before. If you haven't, we suggest that you give it another try by opening this link in an incognito window, and choose a different payment method if necessary.


Hope that helps!

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