Paiment issues


Paiment issues




My master card is blocked because i lost it, the new one is available at my bank but don't have the time to get it till Wednesday also my invoice date is 23/04. how long does it take till they cancel my premium?



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Hey @User2222


Spotify will retry a few times for payment before your premium is cancelled. Since you said the billing date was 23/04 then it will most likely be cancelled soon if you do not update your payment details with the new card.


You can update your payment details on your account by following these directions:


If your premium is cancelled before you have time to update your payment details to the new card, don't worry. You won't lose any music or playlists on your account. You will have the free plan until you resubscribe to premium with your new payment details.


You should also get emails from Spotify stating they tried to take the payment but it didn't go through.