Pay for Premium, Still Get eBay Ads


Pay for Premium, Still Get eBay Ads


Hi there,


I pay for a premium subscription here in Canada but I still frequently get served ads for eBay. I only get eBay ads, which makes me think it's a glitch on the platform side. 


I've tried everything - logging in and out, ensuring my payment information is correct, etc. I also checked my credit card statements and my subscription fee has gone through. Please let me know what we can do to fix this! Thanks! 

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Re: Pay for Premium, Still Get eBay Ads

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Hey @Spence3y


Which app are you using? Desktop app or mobile?


Have you tried reinstalling the Spotify app to see if that fixes the problem?


It's strange that you are still getting ads. Usually the ads are mixed, and you mention only eBay ads. If it's the desktop app, the only thing I can think of is adware is installed on your computer and is inserting these ads into the app. I suggest a complete reinstall of Spotify.