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Paying £9.99 every month but have no access to account

Paying £9.99 every month but have no access to account

I have been paying £9.99 from my bank account for months and have tried to contact Spotify previously regarding the situation.

I do not have a valid log in for this account and as far as I am aware have never used it as I already have free version of Spotify.

I have been paying this money and had no response from Spotify regarding how to cancel it. Given I have no login information regarding the subscription I have no idea how to do this.
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If you downloaded Spotify you should have an account, you can try to reset your password. If you don't know your registered email for Spotify or your account name to reset your password, you can check for you account name, how to reset your password, and how to cancel premium in this article:


Basically, you should check for your account name, then use that account name to send a password change form to your email, use that new password to log in, then look at the steps to cancel Spotify Premium.

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