Paying for Spotify premium abroad


Paying for Spotify premium abroad


I am living abroad from my original country. I want to use Spotfiy premium, but when I try to pay with PayPal or credit card it says "Your Spotify account must match the country of your payment method.". But if I change my country I can only use Spotify for 14 days in the country I currently live in.


What is the reason for restricting credit card country like this? How can I get Spotify premium?

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Re: Paying for Spotify premium abroad

Casual Listener

I have exactly the same problem. I live in Czech Republic. I am now staying in Slovakia for several weeks. Also, because of my work, I have to use VPN, which connects via German IP address.


So when I tried to subscribe to Spotify with my Czech debit card, it told me to change the country in profile. But when I try to do that, it only offers me either German (with VPN) or Slovakia (without VPN). None of these match my debit card and there is no way to select the country manually.


So basically, I'm trying to give Spotify my money and pay for music, but Spotify says: "No, no, no!" Dear music industry, this is exactly how you drive people to piracy.