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hi , im trying to make a payment via credit card Mastercard and so i get a message saying payment failure.

im using the student offer, few weeks ago i had to stop my account so i've stoped the payments and now i cant make it again. the credit card is working well i dunno why this keep failing.
i have tryed 3 other cards, credit, debit card no succes.
pls help i'm seeing others people with the same problem, any community staff make sure that spotify is working to fix this.
i know the english is a lil rusty, so as u see i'm Brasileiro and working on it to take better.
thanks for now.

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Hey there!


Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Have you tried going to the SheerID Support page?

This page may help you understand the Student Discount process a bit better.


As it sounds that you are having payment issues, I would recommend checking out this article for the payment troubleshooting steps.

There is also some specific subscription-related troubleshooting over at our Spotify Answers board.



If you can't get this working, let me know and I will do my best to help you further!

Have an awesome day!

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