Payment Issue - Charged but on free

Payment Issue - Charged but on free

Hi I was going to start Student Premium and had entered my card details, but then I decided not to continue with filling in my details and I checked by banking and was charged, but my premium is still on free? When I clicked continue after card details, itd say that my card wouldnt be charged until they verify my studentID but they still charged it, even though i didnt continue with filling in my details. 

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Hey @jmfayy, welcome to the community!


Sometimes when you enter your payment details, the money is drafted and remains as pending for the discount to be validated.


Since you didn't complete the student validation process, the payment should remain as pending, and will go back to your bank account soon.


You can find more info on failed Spotify payments here. Also, you can contact your bank for more details on these pending transactions.


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