Payment charged 3 times in a row


Payment charged 3 times in a row


I have a Premium plan subscription in Italy, and use a different range of devices, almost all Desktop and mobile OS: Linux, Windows, MacOS (not anymore), Android (uninstalled now there), iOS and Web Player.


Today I saw that Spotify charged me (through PayPal) 3 transactions in a row (9.99 each) one minute from the others. Is it a normal behavior? Are the next two months covered or other transactions will happen?





I saw a similar problem for a payment that happened twice, reading the answer given I did not upgrade to family plan subscription and I haven't any other account on Spotify. If it was an error caused by an unsuccessful payment it's on Spotify side, because the money was took three times and not only once.

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Sorry to hear this. If you’ve been charged multiple times I recommend looking at this Spotify Answer for more information.

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