Payment executed, no premium yet


Payment executed, no premium yet


I tried to upgrade my account but after entering the credit card details the webpage generated an error message. I checked wih the bank, they said they were not rejecting the payment, it seemed to be rejected by spotify. After many attempts the same error message was generated over and over, but finally the payment was done. Now I still don't have premium but i have the payment was charged in my credit card. I also checked and follow all the steps suggested here, like close the app and login again, etc... nothing works. I see my account as Spotiy Free. Help please!

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Hey @Launasan, welcome to the Community!


It sounds like none of your payments went through. To be sure though, reach out to your bank to check the current status of the charges.


If they're pending, they should get back to you soon. Until then, you can try signing up again using an incognito window to see if it helps.


Be sure to let us know how it goes.