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Payment issues with debit card

Payment issues with debit card

I've tried several times to pay for premium with my Santander Debit card, I know it works with online purchases because I've bought airline tickets many times before with this card, so that's not the issue. 

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Hey @rudytello, help's here.


We'd recommend checking out these payment troubleshooting steps


Make sure you follow the pointers in there, and you should be able to get this card working for your subscription.


Let us know if you still need help and we'll be right here!

Please Help. Been trying to get my premium going for 3 days now! Tried everything recomended on your help links and nothing! it keeps failing.

Please help.. I spin with DjPro V2. I need to get this going so I can have it working in DjPro2. Please, Please Please 

Diego Lopez

user: digitalnoize

email: *snip*


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