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Payment keeps failing on the same card

Payment keeps failing on the same card

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I keep receiving  emails about Spotify Premium Payment Failure. 
I've been having this issue for a few months now, and my Spotify Premium stops working, and then I have to 'update' the payment information, but I'm using the SAME card, then the Premium features come back.  
When I put in the payment information, it is fine for the rest month but has an issue with the payment failure again the next month, and then starts to work again if I manually input the card information again. 
I don't understand why I am suddenly having this issue, and have put in the payment information many many times now, but it used to be automatic and not have any issues, but now I have to keep putting in payment info every month. 
I have no other issues with this card, so I know it is valid and has enough money on it, etc. I assume its a problem from Spotify's side? 
How do I fix this!!!


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Hey there @mahibug,

thanks for posting !


Can you please try all the steps provided on this troubleshooting page ?


Let me know how it goes 😃

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