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Payment- premium

Payment- premium

I wanted a spotify premium. Went to the homepage and it showed me that  i can have a 30 days free trial. Clicked on it, entered my card number and all - it said that i have already used a free trial and when i checked my bank account, it said that 6,99 was booked by spotify. Spotify also said that i'll have a confirmation on my email, but there's nothing. 

In the first place i wanted to get a student premium. So i just entered my card number to get that one. It also booked/charged me money (3,99 or smth as it shoud be) but no confimation letter, no premium.

In the subscriptions it doesn't show that i have a premium and in the receipts it also doesn't show. So in conclusion, i paid - twice but don't have a premium and can't cancel.


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Hey @Manna0239, welcome to the community!


Sounds like the subscriptions didn't go through. In this case, the payments should show as pending on your bank statement. This means that the funds were placed on hold, but will go back to your bank account soon.


You can find all the info about this issue here. I also suggest reaching out to your bank for more information about the pending transactions.


All the best.

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