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Payments still going out when they should have stopped..

Payments still going out when they should have stopped..

I have just been contacted by my bank and Spotify has made a charge for 9.99 EUR. 


I was living in Germany and used this card on my spotify (which is now on free account) and then my husbands account, for which we have changed the card for payment, and we had a deal to pay 0.99 cents for 3 months, so it is all paid up until 26 of Feb.


We now live in New Zealand and that bank account is no longer active so it is causing a few problems.. 


Any advice on how to get this sorted? Doesnt seem to be a way to contact Spotify easily or directly...



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Hey @hannaht13,

Apologies for the late reply, but maybe I can still help 🙂


Most of the times a user gets charged after he/ she cancelled, is because he/ she never ended the cancelling process. There are two ways to check this. First, you can see this on your subscriptions page. And Second, you can check your email for a confirmation of the cancellation process.
When these methods say that you are still on Premium, please try to cancel again, this time being aware of receiving the cancellation email. The process asks a few times if "you’re really sure" you’d like to cancel, and if not careful, it's easy to oversee them.


Have a nice day!


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