Playlists deleted followed by account deletion

Playlists deleted followed by account deletion

I’ve had Premium for the last five years set up on automatic payments without any issue. Then out of nowhere all of my playlists got deleted. It was very aggravating but I figured I would just start them over again. Then, 2 days after that on May 12th I tried logging on through Facebook and it said there was no account linked to that Facebook. I tried logging in using username/password and email/password and it said those accounts didn’t exist. I had to make a new account just to post in this forum because there’s no other way to submit feedback. I was charged for my premium account a day before it was randomly deleted. How and why did this happen and will I be refunded for the month of premium I paid for but never got?

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Hey @Troymusick,


You should be able to retrieve your missing playlists by following the steps here.


If you can't find the playlists from that window, and you're uncertain about which account you may be logged out of / into there, we'd suggest following these steps to determine if you have any other accounts.


Hope this helps!

Just happened to me today I have been a premium member for months and out of no where today no more saved music nothing all is gone and the program will no longer load on my Xbox one X, but the web player works great LOL. This is priceless you charge for everything and cannot even keep your program running! Pathetic beyond belief. I am uttlery upset and **bleep** off the last thing I want to do is click little pictures over and over again to log into my account you people are idiots beyond belief!!!!!! I am done with people and there wack programs, Spotify is GARBAGE, The people behind ITS programming are GARBAGE!!!!!!! Were is customer service? Were is the help? THERE IS NONE THEY DONT **bleep**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY GUESS WHAT IM A HUMAN BEING NOT A ROBOT SO **bleep** YOUR CAPTCHA

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