Please helpme cancel my free trial


Please helpme cancel my free trial

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Hi guys, it seems I have got myself in to something I can't get out of here, reading the issues others have had. I activated the free 30 day trial through Spotify whilst on holiday, just thought I would give it a go. Now I can't unsubscribe!!

I only gave Paypal details trying to be savvy, but why is it so difficult to cancel. I have followed all the instructions and nothing seems to work. Please help

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Hi @joanne4444,


Sorry to hear you won't be continuing with Premium.You can cancel your subscription by going to your Subscription Page and clicking cancel (shown in the screenshot below).


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.





I tried for two days constantly to cancel my 30 days Free Trial as I will not be using it.

As a pensioner it is quite a lot for me to have to pay for something I am not using - £9.99 x 6.

Once I was back from holiday I was able to easily cancel from my laptop but why was it made so difficult from my mobile Samsung phone?

Am I being an old cynic or is this deliberate ?

I was one day late due to this so as I have now passed the 30 day deadline and it looks like I am going to have to pay until SEPTEMBER.


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Hey there, @Dawnoleippie! Thanks for posting to the Community 🙂


If you've cancelled your Spotify Premium (make sure you have by going to, you won't be charged at all in the future for Spotify (unless you resubscribe)!