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Premium Account Volvo Sensus Connected Touch

Premium Account Volvo Sensus Connected Touch

Until last week spotify was running fine on my Volvo Sensus Connected Touch.

Once every 30 days however, I need to log in again via a wifi network.

When doing that this week, it suddenly says I need a premium account and logs immediatly back out.


I have a premium account 100% sure. Iphone, Ipad and laptop work fine.

But I cannot seem to get it going in my car.

Tried to update the Parrot (its a Parrot system) software and reset factory settings, but it did not help.


Who can help me?



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Volvo have left it up to Parrot to fix it and Parrot seems disinterested in doing so. See this thread for the full story:

Short Version: Parrot developed their own version of the Spotify app, was given over a year's notice that LibSpotify (what Parrot's Spotify app is built on) would no longer be supported. Parrot let it die and aren't working to fix it. I'm extremely disappointed in Volvo and and their refusal to stand behind their product and inability to get their technology partner to fix the issue.

I managed to do a workaround here by first rooting the Sensus Connected Touch and installing the original Spotify application instead of the Parrot version. It's not perfect, but works well enough. I posted the info here:


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