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Premium Family Complaint

Premium Family Complaint

I've been a Spotify user for years now. I share my account with two other users and since the beginning have wondered why I can't play music at the same time while the others are listening on their device. So recently I upgraded to the Family plan, thinking that if I payed MORE, I would be able to have the problem revolved and listen at the same time as my other account users. But unfortunately Spotify does not give us the option to do this. I'm really disappointed that we don't have this feature, I thought it would be a given that if you have multiple people sharing an account, you would be able to listen at the same time. I pay 8 dollars a month for Netlflix and am able to play movies at the same time. But i thought upgrading to $15 on Spotify would finally give me this feature, so why can't I ? I think Spotify users would greatly appreciate this and I know I'm not the only person with this complaint. I love using Spotify, it's my favorite music source. But having my music stopped because someone else wants to listen as well, is not fair for the money I'm paying for it. Spotify, please resolve this issue soon so we can enjoy listening to our music, with no interruptions.
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The way Spotify Family works is that each person creates their own Spotify account first if they do not already have one. For everyone to create a Spotify account they will need their own email address.

Once everyone has their own Spotify account you then invite them to join your family plan and then they sign in with that account in the app. Make sure everyone enters the same home address when it asks for verification. Then everyone will be able to listen without interrupting the other users.

Check out these pages for help with the Family Plan:

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