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Premium Lite


So I was thinking (while listening to Spotify) and I was thinking of a Cheaper / Premium Lite. I am in a school of around 700 students (high school). I asked around a lot of friends and other people around the school (150+), “who uses what spotify?”, almost everyone I asked had the free version of Spotify, around 90% use Spotify Free (estimate). My ‘idea’ is to have a cheaper Premium (Lite).


My concept is either 7 skips every 30 minutes or 10-15 skips an hour, 30 minute ad breaks occur more often if ads aren’t skipped, downloads but at a limit and have 5 song selections (pick a song) every hour. The price i estimate would be half the price of Premium ( $5 USD, $7 AUD) or slightly higher. I would purchase this because it’s.. a weaker premium, just more affordable for some people (like me). Obviously this can be adjusted into a more corporate way, this is just my idea.



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Hi @AidanWilliamsAW!

This sounds like a good idea. I’d suggest starting a new thread in the Community Ideas Exchange.

This’ll allow users, Stars, and Moderators to vote and comment on it.


However there's a plan for University Students which is half the price and it includes Hulu+Showtime with no extra cost.


There's also Spotify Premium for Family with up to 6 accounts for just 14.99$ a month!

Learn more here.


With a recent promo from Spotify there's also Hulu included in the regular priced Spotify Premium. Check this site for more:


Hope it helps :)

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