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Premium ended but still getting premium benefits

Premium ended but still getting premium benefits

I had Spotify 3 months for free through a deal with Sky, I don’t really use it that much to warrant paying for it so asked them to cancel it once the 3 months was up, this should have ended on the 13/06/19. It’s now the 23/06/19 and I’m still getting the benefits of premium. 


I cannot contact spotify as they say my account is associated with Sky, I have contacted them and they say that my subscription is cancelled and there is nothing else they can do and I won’t be charged. 


While its nice getting something for free, I don’t want any hassle in case sky then try to charge me etc. 

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Hi @AdamRennie and welcome to the Community! 🙂
Since the offer was through Sky, can you log into your account with them and see if they have cancelled it? It may be that the benefits extend a little past the date you requested the cancellation and it won't end up reflecting on your next billing cycle. I would check next month to make sure a charge isn't there - and if so request a refund from Sky. I hope this was useful and have a great day! 🙂

yeah it is gone off my sky account and have spoken to them and they have confirmed it went from my account on 12/06/19

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