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Premium family members DELETED!!!! after problem with payment.

Premium family members DELETED!!!! after problem with payment.

This month i got a new card number, as my old card broke. I forgot to change it in Spotify, so when i got the notification i got right on it. Today when i put the new card number on i got a screen saying "You cancelled your spotify premium subscription". You just kicked out all of my family members out of the plan during the payment. I didn't know changing your card number is such a problem for the system, obviously it needs the CANCELLATION and RENEWAL of your subscription, along with configuring the other devices manually once again. Thanks spotify, 5 years without problems and now my family members are without subscription until i come back home next month, just cause of your lacking back-end design...
2 Replies

Completely had the same issue! My card was canceled for fraud and I forgot to update Spotify. It canceled family premium and now when I go to sign up with the SAME account, it's saying I have to invite them again. And I fear their playlists and everything else will be gone too. Not good, Spotify. What gives??

Same thing happened to me yesterday . Why does nobody answer that question ? Please help. It doesn't make sense to delete family members just because my card info changed . Why I need to deal adding members again and again ?  

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