Premium for family

Premium for family

I’ve changed my Spotify subscription from premium to premium for family two days ago so that my mother could enjoy Spotify premium. However when I tried to add her, we realised that the country in my account is Ireland and hers is Spain, hence I cannot add her. I’ve cancelled premium for family and revert back to premium, however it seems I will be charged for family for premium this month, even though we haven’t been able to use it. How can I resolve this? 

Thank you


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Hello @Cbcris24!


Thanks for coming to the Community. I'll be here to help you clear things up.


I'd recommend checking out this Support article for more info on how to change your country settings. Then the other members should be able to join the Premium for Family plan with their accounts here as far as they reside in the same physical address. If you'd like to ask for a refund for the month of Spotify Premium you were charged for but couldn't use, I'd recommend checking out Spotify's refund policy here


Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!

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Hi there,


there must be lots of messages about this already, but I will take the time to repeat some of it.


I have been a loyal Spotify user for many years now, starting with free, then Premium and finally Premium for Family. But so far I was only able to add my wife (luckily she lives with me under the same roof). The main reason I signed up for Premium for family, was for my kids. But guess what, they are only 7 and 10 years old and according to Spotify too young to have an account. Is this clearly written on the sign up page: NO!


Is it clearly written that you need to live at the same physical address: NO! Unless you read the very small print. But why would you if you see FAMILY in big letters? Everyone knows what family means, no?


So really, if you think about it, I really wonder who at Spotify ever came up with the idea of calling this Premium for FAMILY? Family = wife, kids, mother, father, brother, sister...

But it seems at the end of the day that I can live under the same roof with 5 complete strangers and sign them all up under Premium for Family.

But my kids who are under 13, my mother in law who lives just around the corner, or anyone else from my FAMILY I would like to add, are not allowed!!


Spotify, please do something about it. Either change the name of your product, or make it a REAL Family account.


Kind regards




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