Premium>Family help?


Premium>Family help?



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 Two days ago my mom finally let me upgrade to premium because I had revieved the e-mail about the $0.99 deal (I was a couple days late I realized but that’s not my problem). After telling my mom that it would be 9.99 a month she agreed and so I upgraded. I guess along the way I must have gotten the free trial for an unspecified amount of time because when I go on the app to the subscription section it says I’m on the premium free trial. Regardless, yesterday my mom decided that she wanted to get a family plan because we all use our Spotify accounts a lot and I’ve been talking about how great premium is. So, now I’m on the family plan (well, I’ve been going through the information here and it seems like I am actually not because I upgraded so I have to wait until next month? Not sure about that, can someone explain how that works as well?)  and I don’t want to be charged after the free trial, for being a premium member, and for the family plan. I also don’t want to get rid of premium, I just want to be on the family plan. Will it automatically upgrade to the family plan after the free trial or do I have to cancel the free trial and the normal premium? Sorry this is really long, I ramble. Thank everyone in advance for any help! 

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Hey @khoshekh11 Welcome to the Spotify Community!


So what im reading is that you are on a free trial right now and then you will be on the standard Spotify Premium. But you want to switch over to the Family Plan that your mother set up. 

So what i recommend on doing is actually going through the full free trial period  and then what i understand was that you already paid for the Spotify Premium. So use the full month of the standard Spotify Premium before switching over to your moms Family Plan. But before you switch over, make sure you cancel your standard Spotify Premium maybe a day or 2 ahead of the next payment. This will be used as a precaution to an accidental charge for the next month. 

Now for your moms family plan, she should have been given an invite code that she can dish out to whoever she wants to invite to the plan. Just follow the instructions given and then you'll be on family plan.


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