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Premium in poland is super expensive?

Premium in poland is super expensive?

Hi there, i am trying to renew my subscription from poland (im from Argentina but but moved here a couple of weeks ago).
Since my new card is polish, the account needs to be changed to that country also.
But when i try to do that I'm promted with the "family plan" offer only, which is 100zl (almost 30 dollars???!!!!!).

I can't find a way of having a regular subscription that is not so outrageously expensive... any ideas what's going on?


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Hey @Yorutamashi,


That's weird. Can you please try it in another browser or in your browser's private/ingocnito mode?

Let me know how it goes.

MaximSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Yeah i already tried with incognito and firefox as well... when i get to spotify without being logged in i see that there's a promo for 3 months at 0.99zl, but when i log in it only allows me to pick the family plan for 100zl... and if i pick "other offers" i can only buy a yearly plan for 800zl, that would make it around 70zl per month... still way too expensive...

does bumping work here?
i guess there's no solution to this, i've been scouring the internet and trying different approaches... the worst part is that if i enter the spotify page as incognito i see some sweet offers like 3 months premium for 0.99zl, or the regular subscription being a more reasonable price than 70zl per month... but once i login and try to use my card i only see the family plan again...
I guess i will have to switch to some other service like Tidal or Deezer u.u

I was actually working on your thread before your "bump" post 🙂


Can you please post a screenshot of what you're seeing? Can you please go to here for regular Premium and let me know which price you see on that page?


Also, it sounds like you want to claim the 0.99 offer. Just so you know, the offer's only available to users who haven't had Premium before.

MaximSpotify Star
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If you appreciate my answer, maybe give me a Like.
Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I'm starting to get quite pissed with this service to be honest. because of the lack of response to this topic i started another, because i'm running out of time to solve the issue...
I will quote now the latest development, but i guess it will take you another 2 days or even more to answer...

as i explained in my previous unanswered topics... i am trying to change my paying method to a polish card since i moved here a few weeks ago...
While trying to do that i never confirmed the usage of my credit card because the ridiculous offers i get here... like only being available to pay for a whole year subscription instead of a monthly one...
Now i got a message saying that spotify charged me for 9.99pln and i have no idea what that is because it doesn't match any of the avialable offers i have... and i that is not bad enough, i still see the message of my previous payment not being approved so i will lose premium and money also...

Seriously, are you trying to get me to leave this for ever? 
This has to be the worst support i've seen for any service... i barely see an answer to any topics...

Hi @Yorutamashi,


Thanks for reaching out on the Community!


We completely understand your frustration at this point. Rest assured, we're here to help. 


If you've followed these steps to change your payment method without any luck, and if you have seperate questions about which offers you might personally be eligible for, we'd recommend getting in contact with us directly via email, or by tweeting our support handle. We'll be able to help you out further and take a look under the hood.


We're more than happy to assist you even further on those support channels! Let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime.




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