Premium is paused while waiting for SheerID student verification?


Premium is paused while waiting for SheerID student verification?


So I tried to subscribe for Student Premium, followed the instructions, and sent the required documents thru SheerID. Also, I already paid for it. According to SheerID, they will send an email if my student documents are verified. And now my Premium is paused, saying my last payment didn't work. So my questions/concerns are:
1) Is this because I still need verification from SheerID before I can go Premium again?

2) I want to use my Spotify, but since my Premium is paused I can't, unless I downgrade to Spotify Free which means I also have to cancel my Premium subscription. So.. does cancelling my Premium subscription mean I am also cancelling my Student Premium subsciption? How can I still use my Spotify while waiting for SheerID's email and without cancelling anything??

3) How long do I have to wait for SheerID's verification? I'm starting to worry because I might have paid for nothing here.

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Hey @arneeee!


It's not cool that this happens. The best thing to do is get in contact with the Accounts team to take a look backstage. You can reach them on Twitter or Facebook at @SpotifyCares or via email here.


Take care!