Alright, so I've had the regular free subscription where I couldn't skip but an "x" amount of songs and couldn't save songs. Well, I bought Premium last night and have a emailed receipt for the online transaction and can't get my account to switch to Premium to save my LIFE! On I am listed as Premium, but on the phone app I am not. I've restarted the app, logged out of my account, and done everything I could think of besides call Spotify or something. That is my next move is someone can't tell me sentencing useful. Thanks in advance.
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Hey, @tthomp20!


If you’ve run through the subscriptions process but are finding that you don’t have access to premium, don’t worry! Please take a few seconds to look over this thread, give it a read, the lovely team at Spotify have also added a survey feature which will help you detect if there is a specific problem!

Any other problems - Just let me know! 🙂