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Prepaid card automatic renewal

Prepaid card automatic renewal


I'm currently on Spotify Premium for 3 months now, and recently I noted that the Subscription was changed to "Your plan will automatically renew on 11/5/19 and you'll be charged xxx". I'm currently paying via my prepaid SIM card. 


Can I confirm that the deduction will be made automatically, and my subscription will be extended? I'm not sure what I clicked to have it automatically renewed - I thought the automatically renewal options is only for Credit Cards/ Paypals etc.




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Hey tweien thanks for reaching out to the community,

It will be duducted automatically unless you change the setting on the settings page on the website. If you want to please follow these steps:

1. Head to Subscriptions. Then go to Manage.
2. From there, select Spotify Premium. Then turn off Automatic Renewal.
3. Your subscription will finish at the end of the billing cycle. You're done!

Happy Listening,

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