Problem changing payment card in French Polynesia


Problem changing payment card in French Polynesia



Plan Premium

Country French Polynesia



(iPhone 8, iMac, google home)




I am premium for more than a year. Today my subscription was canceled because of trouble with my card. When I tried to change the card, it doesn't let me pay because is a Polynesian Card and the country is France. But my previous card was also a Polynesian and Spotify Country was France. So why now it doesn't work anymore? Btw France thinks of Polynesia as a French property, and on the passport of local people, it says born in France.


Furthermore, when you have a premium account aren't you allowed to be using Spotify in a foreign country for as long as you want?


Do you have a solution?

I would hate to do that but I will have to switch to giving money to DEEZER instead. No problems with them...