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Problems with Pay Pal. Please help me.

Problems with Pay Pal. Please help me.


The first question is why it is not possible to ask Spotify consultant at Spotify? The second question why Spotify makes it impossible for me to use Pay Pal payments. There is a blockage of this possibility. I wanted to set up a premium account and I can not. The Pay Pal account is active and connected to my payment card. I do not want to share my payment or credit card with Spotify. After that I have Pay Pal account. Why does Spotify block Pay Pal payment and force me to pay by card? Why? My friends pay for Spotify Pay Pal. What can I do to open a premium account?

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Hi @Beata1!


Does your PayPal account meet the requirements that show hereAlso, which country is your account set up to?


Keep us posted. 

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