Question about Premium


Question about Premium


It says 0.99 cents for 3 starting months, but 10$ for the month after the first 3, so only the first 3 months are 0.99 cents, but every month after the 3 months are 10$?

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Hey, @xboxer214! The '3 months for .99' offer is a promotion for new Spotify Premium subscribers. After the initial 3 month promotional price ends, Spotify Premium will resume at the original price of $9.99 a month. You can cancel at anytime. Please note, if you have taken part in another Spotify promotion (like a 7 day trial) you will not be eligible for the promotional offer.


After the trial period ends, you can take advantage of other Premium discounts if you qualify - such as Spotify Student and Premium for Family. More information on different subscription types can be found here.


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