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Re-invite a family member

Re-invite a family member

Plan: Premium

Country: Norway

Device: Several (Lenovo laptop, SONY Xperia, Macbook, iPhone)

Operating System: Several (iOS 10, Android, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

How can I re-invite a family member (who was already invited once, and now my premium family plan playlist is full)? There is no "Resend Invite" option, as tethe family member previously was aready invited and is part of the plan, but doesn't seem able to access the account.

5 Replies

Hi @gelgjo,

thanks for reaching out !


I believe you'll be able to find all necessary info on this Premium Family support page.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

I searched the Premium Family support page and did not find any information on the topic, not even remotely so, before I posted the question. If I overlooked something, of if you have more specific info, please accept my apologies - and please direct me to the exact spot where I can find the solution.

Hi @gelgjo,

thanks for checking out the support page !


Have you mentioned that your plan is full ?


Waiting on your update 🙂

Dear OneByBoo,

Thanks for trying to answer my question. Yes, the plan is full. However, that should not bar me from re-inviting a member already on it.

Second, what I actually did was to remove another family member so that the plan was not full, after which I was able to invite (not re-invite) the first family member.

Now what happens to the members playlists once she re-joins is left to find out. Also, if rejoining Family Premium will leave her with two accounts on the plan (as if she were a clone) is left to find out.

Thanks again,

any solution found to this problem?

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