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Re: spotify gift card not valid in my country

Re: spotify gift card not valid in my country

Hi there,

I purchased 2 giftcards in The Netherlands and wanted to add them to a Dutch (NL) Spotify account. But both cards say that the giftcard is invalid for the country that I am in...

3 Replies

@renesebastian, if I were you I would see if I can get a refund and I would recommend to get a visa or mastercard, these cards are accepted anywhere and surely Spotify will accept them. Spotify giftcards are not the best way to get Premium sometimes. Sorry

Problem is that I've bought those back in November '16 and my mom wanted to redeem them just now. I don't have the reciept from the cards anymore... so sorry to say, but pretty useless answer 😞

Wow Spotify, pretty good service you got here. Not responding at all.....

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