Renew subscription doesn't work


Renew subscription doesn't work




For the last months i had a student subscription, but the credit card I used needed replacing. So I got a new card and tried to update the paymentmethod. But for days I get this message: 

  • Payment failed. Try again, or use a different payment method. Get help

Of course I followed the tips there. But to no avail. Trying to use another paymentmethod is not possible because you guys only offer to pay via credit card with a student subscription in the Netherlands. It is very annoying that i have to listen to ads and can't listen on my phone the way I want to. The only option is to pay for the normal subscription, which is 5 euro per month more expensive. The card works fine for other payments. So what is the best course of action from here on in? Moreover, I get that you guys don't want a callcenter to answer these questions. But it is really annoying that you can't get a quick answer, only via text.

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Re: Renew subscription doesn't work


Hey @vermoeiend, welcome to the Community!


We understand where you're coming from, and we'll be sure to pass your feedback on this to the right team.


For now, we suggest you make sure your card meets these requirements before trying to sign up again. 


Let us know how it goes.