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Reset phone, can't download songs anymore

Reset phone, can't download songs anymore







Sony Xperia Z5

Operating System

Android 9


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I had to reset my phone yesterday. Ever since I could not download songs over Spotify anymore. Everytime I try it the app says "Try getting premium".  Thing is, I have premium, the family version. I am the owner of the plan as well. I already disconnected the phone from the WiFi, relogged in the app, restarted the phone, ensured it is logged in with my Facebook account which is the premium account etc.

Nothing worked. Today when I was at work for a brief moment it started to download some songs but quickly fell back into the "You don't have premium!" routine. And everytime I get the notification it is pointless to click on the "Get premium now!". A new window opens for a split second and disappears again, almost like for that brief moment he sees that this is a premium account.


I couldn't find any info on such a case.

What can I do/which informations do you require?



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Hey @Helge_Kreutzman! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry that you can't use your Premium properly.

Could you try to fill in your Facebook credentials into the regular login form to see if that makes any difference?


Let me know how it goes!


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