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Revolut credit card doesn't work in Romania

Revolut credit card doesn't work in Romania

Hello, I have a Revolut card, i'm from Romania, and i want to use it on Spotify, and i recive an message that i need to change my country to U.K. i i want to use this card. It is a big error, i alose use Deezer, UBER and another online services and my Revolut card is ok. Can you tell me why i can't use it? Reveolut card is mine, with my name on it. It is an International Credit Card, not only for U.K. Thank you!

7 Replies

Every credit/debit card is a international card. Revolut is a company based in the UK so the credit card was issued in the UK. You need a card issued in Romania to pay for the romanian premium option.

I understand but in my opinion it is not ok at all, a have deezer, uber, netflix, hbogo and i use this credit card and works well...

Did you find a way to pay with Revolut the Spotify service?


I am having the same issue. Thinking of using Google Music instead.

Same issue.

I want to pay with Revolut mainly because of the fees. If I pay with my ING card the euro conversion exchange is huge. So I end up paying more a month vs with my Revolut.

Spotify.. please update your policy. This is hurting users.

Same issue here!

it's not a credit card issue, as I can successfully pay other services online with my Revolut credit card. It's just Spotify's billing system setting that needs to be changed from checking credit card issuer country to credit card owner origin country!

Same issue, it asks me to change the country which is wrong, Revolut is a international borderless payment method and I cannot pay the subscribtion.

Please fix this.

no. i don't. Spotify doesn't answer...

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