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Rogers promotion ending

Rogers promotion ending

I received a message advising my free subscription via Rogers is expiring.  Will I lose my playlists once this ends and I start paying the monthly fee? How long do I have before I lose these playlists?

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Hi @Tstojo and welcome to the community! 🙂

I did a quick web search as I am not familiar with their promo, but it looks like they might be able to answer all your ?'s here.

I also have highlighted the end of promo info below. If you aren't in QC, looks like you will be converted to Spotify Premium automatically. Nothing about your personal account will change (settings, playlists etc) unless you cancel the whole account and sign up with a different one.
Hope this helps! 😄

(From Rogers FAQ)>

When you sign up for Spotify Premium you’ll be asked to provide your credit card information. No charges will be billed until your 6 months of free access have passed. After that, Spotify will charge a monthly subscription fee to your credit card (currently $9.99 per month).

If you want to cancel your paid subscription, you can do so through the Spotify website.

Residents of Québec only: If you reside in Québec, you’ll automatically revert to the free version of Spotify at the end of the 6-month promotion.

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