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Scam, misleading advertising, delivery of a Google home mini for Spotify Family

Scam, misleading advertising, delivery of a Google home mini for Spotify Family

Scam, misleading advertising, delivery of a Google home mini for Sotify Family

For information Email to the services After sale and Paypal:

Spotify Family Contract of May 5, 2019


 I subscribed to the Spotify family offer. The delivery of a "Google home mini" is contractual, in this offer.
However Spotify proceeds: by sending a code in email, to register on the Google Store, to allow the delivery of this "Google home mini".
I warned Spotify that the code received is no longer valid: Google Store to cancel the delivery.
I joined the Google Store customer service; which confirms that Spotify must send me a new code, for the delivery of the product.
Spotify's after-sales service, joined 3 times by email, refuses to give me a new valid code.
This after-sales service is justified by an "investigation";
He is simply unable to read the attachments sent to him. Which confirms that the parcel will not be delivered.
The after-sales service refuses to contact their Google Store provider to confirm that the delivery is canceled.
The material good, or product, "Google home mini", will not be delivered. Given these difficulties I did not make use of a subscription neither in streaming, neither in downloading, nor any digital service.
Here I remind you that it is up to the Spotify Company to prove a delivery and a use.

Spotify takes a subscription by PayPal, and refuses to apply the contract including delivery of an object.
I recall that the damage caused, is 14.99 euros already collected by Spotify, plus the price of a "Google home mini" that I need 59.00 euros, and procedural obligations to the against Spotify whose present claim.

 I ask :
Send me a new code and check the actual delivery of a "Google home mini",
Or cancel and refund the levy of 14.99 which is no longer valid,
And that Spotify responds to the damage caused.
I also ask PayPal to verify that the behavior of this company Spotify, (and an after-sales service resembling the worst of the sites of sales on the internet), is incompatible with the guarantees of the service PayPal.
Thank you
I reserve the right to assign the company Spotify or report its behavior, as to advertise on the internet for the worst site and after-sales service. "


<mod snip, personal info>


3 Replies

Hey @didoebb,


Thanks for reaching out.


Since you've already been talking to email, it would be best to keep in touch with them about this. This is a public platform and a lot of your personal information is needed, and we can't post it on here.


You can get in touch with email support here.


Hope that helps. Have a nice day!



Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, the customer service is contacted several times. But Spotify's customer service is unacceptable.

It applies internal procedure, refusal to provide a new valid code, and referral to Google's responsibility.

The file is not sent to a service that can understand that Spotify is not fulfilling its contract.

So I'm at the reporting stage including Paypal, Repression Fraud etc. And my habit is to inform other people.

But maybe you have a solution.

Thank you


Hey @didoebb.


Thanks for getting back to us.


The best way to go about getting a refund is by reaching out to our Customer Support team as @Daisy mentions above - they are the only one who can issue the refund in case you are eligible for one, since they can have access to your account details.


Hope that helps! Keep us posted and let us know how you get on 🙂

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